Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How Peloosh came to be

I was telling a story to Brian, my husband, and it involved describing something made of fur.

Since English is my second language, I didn't know the existence of remember the word fur. In Spanish, my native language, peluche means fur. Also, our beagle is named Lucas, but I am fond of giving him other names like P'lucas, P'loocheen, and whatever else flies out of my mouth.

So, in the middle of my excitement, telling Brian the story, I automatically said "Honey, this thing was made of peloosh! You know? That soft, hairy stuff."

He looked at me with a big, confused smile and said, "Honey, you mean fur right? Because peloosh is not a word..."

I said I just made up learned a new word then: Peloosh! (I mean, fur!)

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